Annual Checkups Aren’t Just for Your Health: Why Your Home Needs One Too

Annual Checkups

Annual Checkups: Why Your Home Needs One Too

Just as medical professionals suggest annual checkups to monitor and maintain personal health, it’s wise to apply the same principle to your home. After all, your residence is often your most significant financial asset and similarly requires ongoing care to ensure its wellbeing.

Homeownership extends beyond the initial purchase—it is a continuous process involving decisions that shape your home’s future and value. Regular home checkups are essential, whether you’re contemplating selling in the near future or committing to long-term residence. These evaluations not only facilitate informed decisions during renovations or repairs but also contribute to long-term cost savings by guiding those choices.

What Entails a Home Physical?

During a home assessment, your real estate advisor will provide a Home Market Analysis, offering a current estimate of your home’s market value. This insight is augmented with information about active buyers in search of properties like yours, giving you a gauge on market demand. Additionally, you’ll review recent sales in your area to set realistic expectations should you decide to sell.

An overview of market trends and projections for the upcoming year will help determine if the timing aligns with your selling plans. Together with your realtor, you’ll explore your homeownership objectives and devise strategies to achieve them.

Regardless of your sale timeline, your advisor will suggest which home improvements and repairs are most likely to increase your return on investment when listing your property. Discussions will also cover vital topics like proper insurance coverage and mortgage refinancing opportunities where pertinent.

Ready for a comprehensive review of your home’s health? The real estate experts at Allen Tate are at your service. Start the process today by filling out this form.

About Stellar Realty: Pioneers at Lake Royale and the Triangle


Imagine a real estate experience so personalized and passionate that it transforms your home-buying journey into an extraordinary narrative. Enter Stellar Realty, where the quest for your dream property is met with unmatched dedication and expertise.

Barry Wilkins is synonymous with excellence. A distinguished figure in international security consulting, Barry protected our nation’s commercial lifelines from potential threats. On retiring, he channeled his relentless drive into the real estate industry, bringing with him a dynamic approach to the field.

Launching in 2018, Barry rapidly leveraged his acumen to flip over 30 properties, swiftly becoming a leading agent within the Triangle region, celebrated for his exceptional customer service. The Barry Wilkins Realty Group was born in 2020, embodying his commitment to teamwork and client satisfaction.

In 2023, we solidified our commitment to superior service by adopting the Stellar Realty brand—a name that stands as a pledge to our clients for unparalleled service excellence.

Our Lake Royale office is more than a location—it’s the epicenter of our expertise. As residents and enthusiasts of Lake Royale, we’re unrivaled connoisseurs of this aquatic haven, a distinction supported by our strategic use of the Allen Tate Marketing suite.

But our prowess extends beyond these tranquil waters. The Stellar agents of Wake Forest, deep-seated in the Triangle area, navigate the complexities of real estate with local insight and expertise.

At Stellar Realty, we introduce you to the Red Penguin Service—an immersive, tailored experience that redefines client expectations. Our five-star client testimonials are a chorus of approval for the remarkable journeys we’ve facilitated.

Welcome to Stellar Realty—your dreams anchor here, and your future sets sail. Trust Barry Wilkins and his team to navigate you to the harbor of your new beginning. Welcome home.

Annual Checkups

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