Selling at Lake Royale

Stellar Realty (AKA Barry Wilkins Realty Group) has been the leading at selling at Lake Royale since 1999.  See Attached Graph from MLS.  This is because of our dynamic and proactive internet, digital, social media and print advertising. 95% + of buyers today shop on-line. Stellar Realty/Allen Tate has the best internet, digital and social media. That is why we often sell for more in less time than our competition. The fact that we live at, work at and love Lake Royale clinches it.  When prospective clients ask questions like how deep is the lake, what kind of fish, what are the rules and regs, is there a fishing club, what activities are there for young and old or how does Lake Royale compare to other Lakes in NC WE HAVE THE ANSWERS!!! Before you list your home please check out and compare our marketing plans for your home to the others by emailing [email protected]. We often sell homes for more and quicker than other agencies.

YOUR HOME MAY BE WORTH MORE THAN YOU THINK.  Email us at [email protected] or Click Here to request a NO COST NO OBLIGATION COMPARABLE MARKET ANALYSIS.  This analysis will provide valuable information to aid you in your decision making.

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